Tips for repotting -

After years the soil your plant is in will become nutrient deficient and will become root bound. Repotting will greatly benefit your plants. Contact us for maintenance and any help.

Here are simple steps to repot:

  1. Wait for planter to be dry 
  2. Remove plants from planter 
  3. Cut the dead or oversized roots from the bottom of the succulent (removing more than half of the roots will not effect the plant)
  4. Remove the dead leaves at the base of your succulent
  5. Add new soil to replenish nutrients 
  6. Place the succulent back into its planter 
  7. Add the stones or pebbles back onto the visible soil around your succulent
  8. Do not water your repotted succulent for a week. This is so the roots of the succulent can callus and the roots do not rot!